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Thrummer Video Dynamics (TVD) introduces the “Thrummer,” a hardware/ software system that turns a video recording into a database.  The Thrummer video system formats your media, giving anyone the power to query a recording and automatically splice and view the pertinent, selected segments. 


How do we do it?  Our hardware lets you build custom index keys, and add them onto the video while it is being created.  This means precision. Precise video reports let you hone-in on what you want someone to see  whether on the playing field, the factory floor, or the firehouse.


When you want to use video as an information tool, Thrummer technology cuts out editing costs while it increases information content!   For inspections, surveys, or performance improvement, video thrumming will set the new standards of excellence.



Today’s video is easier than ever to take, but until now it has been too tedious and costly to manage as information.  Thrummer Video Dynamics has set out to change all that and put a new information tool in your repertoire, for either business or training.


Using its patented “Thrummer” and “Tymbal” technology, our system can be used with any new or existing video system – for the first time giving the person operating the camera the ability to place a full range of meaningful descriptors and editing controls onto their recording in real time.  The “thrummed” recording is then downloaded to a PC, where the patented video database software automatically extracts and sorts segments into video folders, composite videos, and/or textual reports.


Thrummer systems are custom designed for maintenance and industrial engineering inspectors, athletic/dance/theatre coaches, general contractors, agriculture and health inspectors, and insurance adjustors.  Our systems can also add intelligent database features to your existing video security systems.




The management of video information today can be compared to the management of paper documentation before the digital era.


And while film and video have been with us for over a century, it is obviously a short time compared to the history of the printed word.


Digital video has brought us to the level of a mediaeval library… We must still walk through miles of stacks opening books, one after another, to see if we are in the right section.  Putting digital video into a database is costly and time-consuming.


The Thrummer is about to change all this.






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