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The Tymbal is a little button resembling a beetle, affixed alongside the microphone of your recorder.  It communicates with the thrummer through radio frequency, and puts short bursts of sound, or chirps, onto the audio track of your recording.  When you buy your next camera, it will be a chip inside carrying both signal and extraction libraries for thrummers. – and it will talk silently.


In Nature, a “Tymbal” is the diaphragm on the side of a male cicada used to create the typical thrumming, or humming sound, which he uses to attract a mate for his week-long life as an adult –after 17 years as a pupae.


Our Tymbal was invented during the Year of the Cicada, when Princeton NJ was the birthplace and grave for millions of these strange humming creatures. 


          Tymbals will be manufactured by Fultek, Inc., of Studio City CA.  Fultek is a founding partner in Thrummer Video Dynamics, Inc.

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