“Thrumming” is derived from an old English word for creating “a monotonous strumming sound.“ It is the sound of drumming on a tabletop with your fingers or the sound of raindrops on the roof.  It is the sound of the male cicada thrumming to his mate.


Our thrummer sends short bursts of strums–a soft stream of Morse Code onto your audio track.


A “thrum” is also an ancient word associated with weaving and weavers.


Web-users have taken this use for “thrumming” and named a game. You create global-replaces of word-endings to WEAVE NEW and funny renditions of poems and famous quotes. 


The very purpose of Thrummer Video Dynamics is to provide an automated way to sort, splice, and associated segments of film with one another in a semi-automated fashion. Our consumer electronics model will let people thrum their favorite films and TV shows, mix and match cartoons, and create personal collages of experience through the random play of thrummed video.