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The “Thrummer Video System” is TVD’s core product.


It consists of the following hardware: (1) a “Thrummer” touchpad, and (2) a small button-like radio transponder (the "Tymbal"). 


The Thrummer is affixed to the tripod mounting screw of any VHS, Super-8 or DVD camcorder.  The Tymbal is placed on or near the camera microphone to receive workpad descriptors and transfer them onto the recording through a patented audio protocol.  All Thrummer systems will include the same hardware, but will be packaged and sold to target markets with custom software configured for that market’s application. 


The software system includes PC software which ~

(1) allows the user to customize the Thrummer to their specific job, location, or team,

(2) allows them to manipulate the extracted data for editing, playback, reporting, and video production.


Ancillary future products include an educational support tool for teachers, as well as additions and improvements to the Thrummer touchpad interface.  New thrummer designs will increase the speed and accuracy of communications with computers and video using both voice and gesture.

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