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The long-term potential for thrummer-assisted video is immense, representing an entirely new marketplace for the information age.   While video is currently not conceived of as a documentation and information tool, this is not long to be the case once the concept of thrumming is introduced. 


TVD will target its initial applications at customers with multiple unit sales, i.e., road inspections, security systems, county and municipal rapid response teams (fire and emergency squads).  Sales will be through direct calls as well as well-placed advertisements in professional journals.


Uses for general contractors –engineers, builders, landscapers, etc. – to prepare and to document their quotes are also anticipated as a major market.  These will be sold through negotiating an exclusive arrangement with a national outlet, such as Grainger – facing consumer wholesalers such as Lowes and Home Depot.


There is potentially a large consumer electronics market, where the objective is to sell Thrummer systems to school athletics coaches, community theatre, home video editing, and hobbyists.  With over 440,000 high school athletic coaches in the United States, alone, the overall world market for video sports diagnostics is tremendous.


While TVD is poised to play a major role in opening up these consumer markets, the company also plans to be a major presence in the services sector, integrating video documentation into the policies and procedures of organizations and businesses.   Building on its experience in designing thrummer pads for particular jobs, TVD intends to incorporate its own procedures into a business tool which can be later franchised to small video production and consulting teams.


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