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Text Box: A quick perusal of the internet for metadata solutions yields a large number of ‘hits.’ These “solutions” provide the user with nothing more than digital editing interfaces, allowing them to create an index of video shots in a computer.  This is a job performed during the long editing sessions which video professionals and hobbyists take for granted.   

A number of video metadata systems have been in existence since the mid-1980's.  These systems require a keyboard operator in addition to the camera-person, and are primarily "indexed" in the office after the video has been recorded.  No consumer systems exist with the capacity to automatically extract and sort video sequences based on instructions within the recording itself.


Thrumming puts the indexing up-front, in the hands of the person filming.  Depending on the uses to which the video sequences are to be put, the “post” editing time at the computer can be automated down to zero, or adjusted for levels of review and quality control.


The typical indexing time for video is calculated three to five times the length of the original shots.  Indexing alone does not include the editing time.  Even worse, indexing is done by interns and students, rather than the specialists who really know what they are looking at. 


Text Box: Our proprietary tymbal was introduced to bridge the decade between older video equipment and metadata-friendly recorders and players.  
We use a patented acoustical protocol to place metadata directly onto the audio track of your recording. 
Heard as chirps – today’s thrums will have little bearing on the majority of video documentation uses.   In the future, our signal and extraction protocol will be integrated into your camera, putting indexing directly into the metadata track of your recorder.

Our products allow the camera-person alone to place critical metadata and editing controls onto the recording.  The industries and sports which previously couldn’t afford a dedicated individual to index tapes are suddenly potential customers for Thrummer Video Dynamics, Inc.


What distinguishes our product from any others is that it can be used on any existing equipment - Super-8, VHS, or DVD Camcorders.


Finally, since Thrummer Video Dynamics is providing custom solutions for individual industries and sports (as if every job or sport has a different language of motion and rules) it can be fully anticipated that the power of the Thrummer Video Dynamics database and reporting system will be highly differentiable from others in the market.



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