The digital revolution has opened up information in new ways - allowing organizations and communities around the world to read each others’ minds.   We can share each other’s goals,  experience, and action plans without ever talking.    However, in places where we can talk with one another  we seldom do.   CecoMan was created to develop programs which will bring multiple groups together with funding in a synergistic fashion., developing new community-based activities in tune with modern needs. 


Our goal is to develop multi-media education programs allowing community organizations, service clubs, and faith-based organizations to start up new youth and family activities, many of them involving and drawing experience from the retired and elderly.  SEE PROJECTS


“for the ReCreation of Community”


CECOMAN, LLC was founded by Harry Jackendoff in 2004 in conjunction with THRUMMER VIDEO DYNAMICS, Inc..  around a new concept in video documentation allowing students to create video pre-indexed for recall and stored on the web, then accessed as one of many new ways to share person-to-person experience.