(This is the story you read on Monday)

Monday- DWYNN

Tuesday - WHISKER

Wednesday - MIST

Thursday – LOST

Friday - The CABIN




There lived a boy named Dwynn.

… and one day he found out that his own shoes could fit

RIGHT INSIDE his grandfather’s  big old leather BOOTS!


His grandfather didn’t neet them anymore, so

Dwynn waxed andpolished those boots up….


And marched through the  snow-covered pastures, pretending he was …







And of course, he was thinking of being like his grandfather, who was an old soldier and a very hard worker.


SO he collected firewood for the railroad crews.






 “I’m like Grandfather with a heavy knapsack,” Dwynn would think.


When  summer came he went out looking for stray lambs and goats.   Grandfather had been the best tracker in these parts.


Dwynn was a proud little boy. He felt he could do just about anything with those big boots on.

 If you were Dwynn, I bet you could do just about anything, too.


 (A Tale for Tuesday)

Monday- DWYNN

Tuesday - WHISKER

Wednesday - MIST

Thursday – LOST

Friday - The CABIN



The next spring, a goat-kid was born with extra-stubby horns for butting and extra-long legs for jumping.

“His father was a mountain goat from the high ridges,” said the shepherds.  “He won’t stay with our flocks, but will leap away.”

So they decided to give him to Dwynn.




Dwynn named the little goat “Whisker.”


And when  summer ended,

the shepherds took their flocks back

to the lowland pastures for

the winter.

Whisker stayed behind with Dwynn





Dwynn and Whisker were best friends and spent all their time hiking through pastures and mountain trails and playing together.


But as Whisker grew older, Dwynn spent most of his time chasing Whisker –keeping him out of mischief in town.

So Dwynn got an old pair of boots to keep Whisker out of trouble! 


“Are you turning him into a railroad man?” 

People asked. 



“Do you think we should have a goat tending our flocks, now?” said the shepherds.


“Let that kid

be a kid,

 and run

around like he

was supposed to!” – everyone said.


Shepherds call a baby goat is called a ‘kid.

They really meant “let that goat be a goat!”  

Do you act like a goat kid? 

Or a people kid? 



So Dwynn took off Whisker’s boots and they both played like kids again.



 (Wait til Wednesday to Read this)



One day Dwynn and Whisker followed the mountain streams up and up to the deep blue lakes that were as clear as mirrors.


But SUDDENLY, a silvery mist blew around them, and they couldn’t find the trail!






Dwynn got scared and wanted to go back down. 






Not if you were a mountain goat!


Whisker’s instincts told him to go UP!!

The frightened little mountain goat began leaping up the rocks.


“Come back, Whisker, please come back!” Dwynn cried as he ran after him.


But it was no use.  Up and up they climbed, until Whisker was too tired to go any further.



When Dwynn got to Whisker, they were both out of breath.


They had climbed above the fog, and they were sweaty and tired.  It was very cold. 


Dwynn lit a fire for them with the wood he had collected that day. 



Just what grandfather would have done!



It was going to be a very long wait until morning.


 As the sun came up, Dwynn let the fire go out.  He and Whisker curled up together and went to sleep. 



(A Thursday Story)

Monday- DWYNN

Tuesday - WHISKER

Wednesday - MIST

Thursday – LOST

Friday - The CABIN





Does anyone in your family snore?  Well,

Whisker was a snorter.  He snorted in his sleep, and his snort woke them both up.


The sun was shining.

That’s when Dwynn remembered where they were.  

But OH!  NO!  He didn’t know where they were!! 




Dwynn knew he was lost and began to cry.  Whisker just shivered.

Just then,  they heard

a mountain ram snort. 


Whisker bleated back. 


IT WAS WHISKER’S FATHER, the mountain goat, who had watched over Whisker and Dwynn all this time!!


He was going to lead them back to the village!

Whisker leapt up to a ledge

and didn’t even think if Dwynn could follow him.


And Dwynn was so excited he forgot that he wasn’t a mountain goat.  He couldn’t leap the ledge. 

Dwynn fell down and down the

mountain face, skidding on the thin

crust of ice

that covered the

deep powdery





Round and


he tumbled,

 just like at the end of a









“Whisker! Whisker!!” he called out as he climbed.  But all around him was silence. Whisker and his father were far above him.




(a Fable for Friday)

Monday- DWYNN

Tuesday - WHISKER

Wednesday - MIST

Thursday – LOST

Friday - The CABIN







Dwynn climbed up into a bright sunny valley. 


And there was a cabin with smoke curling from the chimney.


How fast he ran towards it, and how happy he was….



But how FAR AWAY the cabin was! 


It took so much longer

to get there. 

And that is because it was not a little cabin.


It was a big eerie guard house that stood by a cliff, at the entrance to an ancient pass.


An ogre grinned from its roof and the wind whistled through a desolate guard tower.


Dwynn was really afraid.

He might have stood there trembling all morning til he turned into a snowman…


But a blast of icy wind suddenly blew the door of the guardhouse WIDE OPEN.



…. And if you don’t think Dwynn was scared NOW, who do you think was?


















~~~whoever was inside, that’s who.

“It was the wind, sir…” stammered Dwynn. 




But the bearded man cut him short:


“A cold little boy from the shepherd towns, eh?”



He laughed out loud, because he thought it was so funny that he had been scared by a little boy.



Then he picked up poor Dwynn out of the snowdrift.



Before he knew it, Dwynn saw a steaming bowl of broth on the table in front of him

“Hot Soup!” said the man.

 “Eat!  And don’t let me hear the Guard of ‘Monk’s Head’

( That’s ME )

is a bad host to

 rude little strangers

--That’s YOU!!”




(Save until Saturday)

Monday- DWYNN

Tuesday - WHISKER

Wednesday - MIST

Thursday – LOST

Friday - The CABIN




After Dwynn finished the soup, the guard stood him by the fire and hung his wet things up to dry.



It was only when the guard was helping him into his warm dry clothes that Dwynn began to cry.



“I… I want to go home” blurted Dwynn.




The bearded guard leaned over and spoke through his mustache.


“There is only ONE way out of my valley to your home, and you must agree to do exactly what I ask of you.”



“It will take a brave man to get over the high pass to Monk’s Head.”



Dwynn sat up straight, and puffed out his chest. 

“You can count on ME!” he said, thinking of his grandfather.  “Why, I’ll do ANYThing!!”


“GOOD!” said the guard, as he stared Dwynn in the eyes.

Then he leaned over so close his shiny beard brushed Dwynn’s face. 

and what he said

was awful.



me those boots

you have on.”


Dwynn couldn’t believe what he’d heard.

It sounded like~




“Give me those boots you have on.”



Dwynn can’t believe it. So I think YOU are going to have to tell Dwynn WHAT the bearded man SAID.












!  !  !




“My GRANDFATHER’S BOOTS!” cried out Dwynn, “Why they’re the dearest part of me. 


You CAN’T take THEM!!”


The big bearded guardsman scowled.  “You said you would do ANYTHING. 



Give me your boots -

so you can go home.

Or stay here and

make saddles

for your keep!” 







Picture looking through a saddle at the two figures silhouetted in a snowy window and oaken door with lots of ironwork behind them.




Dwynn sobbed slowly, and then he cried all the tears that had frozen the night before on the mountainside.


Now if YOU were Dwynn, what would YOU have done?






“GIVE ME YOUR BOOTS!!” ordered the guard through his clenched teeth.

 Dwynn didn’t know what to do! 



He couldn’t run away.

He would starve

and freeze.

He couldn’t stay. 




He wished he was home. 

He thought of his mother

and father

and grandmother

and Whisker, and of his grandfather’s boots.

Grandfather wouldn’t have sat there crying.




Remember that the guard said he would help Dwynn get home if he gave up his boots?




What would YOU have done?



Think carefully.



Dwynn’s hands shook

as he

took off







He held

them out …..

and the


man snatched them  AWAY!

Dwynn looked up, and saw him pull a shiny pair of

sharp steel scizzors

from his belt!!






Dwynn shut his eyes tight.

He couldn’t bear to watch!

Then he heard the awful sound of








It was as if all of his memories

were being ripped apart.



“OH!” Dwynn gulped, “I wish it was all a dream!!”


Wrrhrr!.. a noise like bees filled the room.


SNIP,… snip… WHrrrrrr…


The whirring made his head spin.

He got dizzy and he was falling again.  Then he forgot everything, and fell asleep.  





(Story for a SunnyDay)

Monday- DWYNN

Tuesday - WHISKER

Wednesday - MIST

Thursday – LOST

Friday - The CABIN










When Dwynn woke up the buzzing had stopped and the blackbearded old guard was standing there, holding a bundle behind his back.


Can you guess what he was holding?



WeLL, THEN, I’ll tell you.





Picture TBD





He had a pair of warm old leather mittens lined in foxfur…

“…so your fingers won’t freeze.” The man said as he handed them to Dwynn.


Then there was a little leather hat with foxfur earflap… and a muffler “..so your ears won’t get brittle and break..”






Picture TBD


And there was a short little pair of warm old leather boots… just big enough for Dwynn!!  And they fit just like Grandfather’s boots. 




Picture TBD



Everything was so snug and warm that Dwynn put on a big smile, too.  And if you notice that he has on a coat and a pair of snowshoes, it is because the old guard gave them to Dwynn as a present.




As the bearded man looked Dwynn over and over, he said in a deep gruff voice -

“Don’t let me EVER hear that the old guard of ‘Monk’s Head’ is inhospitable to strangers who break in on his breakfast!!”


..but he was only pretending to be severe, as we can see.


Facing Page

Picture TBD



Now if you watch a lot of movies and cartoons you would think it was the ending of the story right then and there.  But this wasn’t the end of Dwynn’s adventure.


First, he had to save up his strength for the journey.


Finally, it was time for Dwynn to get on his way through the snow.


It was cold and dangerous,

So the guard came along

With him.



Even with the guard alongside, if Dwynn didn’t have on his new leather mittens, his fingers would turn to finger’cicles on the frost and rocks.


And without the earflaps his ears would have become ear’cicles.  And without the muffler, do you know what his nose would have turned into?

A nose’cicle!!!

Facing Page

Picture TBD




Dwynn’s strength was almost  gone when they saw his father and the search party from the track crew.


Whisker was so happy to see Dwynn that he did a somersault right there on the ridge.

Facing Page

Picture TBD


They wrapped Dwynn up in blankets and warm him up, and carried him all the way back home.  Even brave little boys shouldn’t be out alone in snow-bound mountains. 




When they got home, the whole village was there to greet them!  


Dwynn’s mother and grandmother were especially happy, as you can well imagine.  They gave a banquet as soon as Sunday came. AND THEY INVITED EVERYONE!! 

Facing Page

Picture TBD



The valley shepherds and the winter track crews haven’t stopped talking about it yet.


I should know, because I was there, and I’ve still heard this story many many times over.


(And I’ll bet YOU have TOO.  In fact, if it’s a sunny day, today, maybe they are STILL having that party over there!)



Well, that is just about the end. 


 In just a few years, when Dwynn was a young man, he tended the lowland flocks himself.  Then he became the track crew supervisor and THEN the Station Master.


The guard of Monk’s Head sent word to Dwynn that he could run the guardhouse, too.  But only if he grew a big beard!





And THE BOOTS? … Well, they are hanging next to grandfather’s picture in the station.  And everybody, including you and I, know JUST why they are hanging there. 


Oh no.  Don’t tell me,  you don’t know?



I’m just joking…..

Because that is..